h1.jpg (15263 bytes) The tape is usually for causal & sport wear.  It is made of poly mostly that no color stain/fading problem would occur.  It can be made in cotton also. h5.jpg (16180 bytes) Just inform us your quantity and style needed!  We have a variety of buttons including these that there's no min. quantity when ordering.
h2.jpg (18042 bytes) Elastic tape is for ladies & kids wear, composed o nylon or polyester & spandex.  Both tapes could be applied in products like household & packaging. h6.jpg (15412 bytes) More col.s're avail. for #V21.  These buttons are for both sex.   Many diff. original col.s are avail. for the same style to match your collection.
h3.jpg (15532 bytes) These are nylon buttons made w/moulds.  We got thousands of pattern avail.  The same mould could make also transparent & metal look buttons. h7.jpg (17185 bytes) Small sizes buttons are necessary for shirts.  Please don't hesitate to contact us cause most of all the buttons shown could be made in small size.
h4.jpg (16025 bytes) A great variety of shells & natural materials is avail. for making buttons now.  The material could also make toggle & buckle shapes just as you wish. h8.jpg (14712 bytes) Corozo(real nut) buttons are fashionable for Brands.  But, you have to be aware of the quality after dyeing, check the professional advise before ordering.

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